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Soul Transfer

A bitterly unpleasant woman starts experiencing hallucinations that make the people around her belie...

12:16 AM


Kingdom on Earth

A shy, reserved prince is ordered by his father the king to get married, however the two men do not ...

02:02 AM



A young man, despite his sister’s strong disapproval, cultivates a relationship with a woman that ...

03:42 AM


Todays Love

In search of love, two sisters would find themselves making decisions that would either make or mar ...

05:50 AM


End Of Todays Love

A man throws himself all over a lady in an attempt to woo her, but she would not give him a chance b...

08:06 AM


Princess Natasha

Princess Natasha is the only daughter of a wealthy king.When she returns home after schooling abroad...

10:17 AM


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iROKOWorld is a Nollywood oriented TV channel, broadcasting Nigerian movies on 24/7 basis. Nollywoood is the world’s second largest movie industry, and iROKOWorld aimed to showcase hours of this awesome content coming from Ghana and Nigeria.

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